Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions!

I absolutely love this whole feather hair extensions trend, especially considering I can't have unnatural colors in my hair where I work. So I went on a search for some that weren't expensive and that were cool looking without being unnatural colors, and I found the PERFECT ones! I looked on Etsy and the seller Phenomenalfeathers had the best prices and low and behold... they had a bundle of five feathers for $14 which I didn't think was bad at all, especially for long feathers. A lot of the sellers on Etsy have short ones which I just don't think would look good in long hair, unless you put them in your bangs or maybe certain shorter layers. I want more already.

I love the ones that are striped because I feel like they stand out really well against my hair. The only downside of these is that if you put them in yourself it's kind of hard to get them really close to your roots, which is what you want to do so when your hair grows you don't have a bead half way down your hair. But the seller gave me two beads so once my hair grows a little more I'm just going to have someone help me and put them in by my root!


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