Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old/New Nails!

So I was looking through my phone and found a couple pictures of nail art, or whatever, that were from a little bit ago butttt I figured I would post them anyways. I'm not too good at this blogging thing. I'm tryin, I'm tryin! Anyways, here you go! 

I did that one after I watched a youtube video and wanted to try it, but I didn't do all my nails like it. Maybe one day I will. I really like the color combo though!

These were my St.Pattys Day nails, I like to do gradients. :)

Glitter polka dots! I enjoy this quite a bit.

These were for Easter... I kind of really don't like them. I like my thumb nail and pointer finger and that's about it. I realized as I was doing my thumb that I was going to have to do it on my other hand, so I tried to simplify my plans for the rest of the nails. The ring finger came out a disaster, the nail polish did NOT want to cooperate with me! The pointer finger was inspired by a picture that came up when I googled Easter nails. :)

These are my current nails, I used the black China Glaze shatter polish and put it more heavily on the bottom of my nail and then dragged it to the edge. I reallly really like the turn out. The pink polish is Color Club and I was a little dissapointed because the name is something with coral in it but it's pretty much just a hot pink. Either way, I enjoy these nails. :)


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